A Practical Way to Do Netlist ECO & Debug


Automatic ECO

Automatic ECO is to use a reference netlist to fix the implementation netlist under ECO. Gates On the Fly supports several automatic ECO methods. 

The methods include:

  • Structure Method
  • Reorder Method
  • Cut Point Method

The both global mode and incremental mode Automatic ECO.

The global mode Automatic ECO runs a top down Logic Equivalence Check on the design. Non-equivalent points are found and fixed. The global mode can guarantee the logic equivalence of the ECO result comparing to the reference netlist. However, the global mode may take long time to run in some large design.

The incremental mode can run much faster since it only focuses on RTL modified modules. However, the ECO result maybe not equivalent to the reference netlist sometimes and needs further debug. It is useful to give a fast turn around for ECO size estimation.

As a variation of the global mode, GOF supports partial mode which runs top down ECO on a sub-block instead of the most top level module.

Click here for one global mode Automatic ECO case.


Figure 1: Automatic ECO

Automatic ECO cases

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