A Practical Way to Do Netlist ECO & Debug

What's New?

Mar 9 2021, GOF V8.0 Released

  • Implemented Metal-Configurable Gate Array ECO flow
  • Improved run speed significantly in large netlist
  • Fixed bug in external synthesis tool support
  • Fixed bug in delete port netlist write out

Jan 15 2021, GOF V7.7 Released

  • Enhanced GOF shell and GUI to be Non-blocking
  • Added save and restore GOF ECO sessions
  • Optimized DFT friendly processing
  • Fixed bugs in spare cell mapping
  • Enhanced ECO retargeting feature

Jan 10 2021, GVT V2.0 Released

  • Enhanced net loading display in GofTrace
  • Added scan chain tracing feature in GofTrace
  • Flops equivalence check on schematic
  • Nets equivalence check on schematic

Nov 22 2020, GOF V7.6 Released

  • Constant propagation through flop set/reset pin
  • Fixed dont use cell command multi-thread mode
  • Enhanced multi-bit flops processing

Aug 16 2020, GOF V7.5 Released

  • SVF text file support for multibit
  • Fixed bug in latch processing
  • Fixed bugs in GUI ECO

Jun 23 2020, GOF V7.4 Released

  • Design Ware instances remapping to reduce ECO size
  • Enhanced net loading display in GofTrace
  • Added scan chain tracing feature in GofTrace
  • Outperforms Conformal ECO

Jun 23 2020, GVT V1.1 Released

  • Enhanced net loading display in GofTrace

Apr 21 2020, GOF V7.3 Released

  • Supported System Verilog connections
  • Enhanced DFT circuit handling
  • Fixed floating nets processing
  • Fixed duplicated ports processing

Nov 07 2019, GOF V7.2 Released

  • Optimization on boundary phase inversion
  • Constant pin propagation to reduce ECO size
  • Fixed bug in ECO verilog output

Sep 03 2019, GOF V7.1 Released

  • Enhanced incremental synthesis for patch size
  • Further improved LEC performance
  • Fixed bugs in uniquify modules
  • Enhanced support in flop phase inversion

Jun 10 2019, GOF V7.0 Released

  • Doubled ECO run speed
  • Cut memory usage in half
  • Enhanced Key Point Mapping

Sep 29 2018, GVT V1.0 Released

  • Spin-off from Gates On the Fly
  • Incremental Schematic
  • Powerful Debug Features

Jul 18 2018, GOF V6.2 Released

  • Bug fix in Reference port clone in Parallel Processing
  • Optimized processing speed
  • Added feature to detect Flip-Flop phase inversion

Jun 11 2018, GOF V6.1 Released

  • Parallel Processing
  • Up to 5X run time improvement
  • Flipflop merging enhancement

Apr 23 2018, GOF V6.0 Released

  • Parallel processing implemented
  • Improve run speed several folds

Nov 06 2017, GOF V5.6 Released

  • Enhanced Parameters/Defines in verilog library file
  • Enhanced Liberty file parser, multi-curly-brace in one line
  • Enhanced black box handling
  • Added API for flop mapping
  • Improved patch size

Sep 25 2017, GOF V5.5 Released

  • Enhanced single error fix in complicated combinational logic ECO
  • Beat Conformal ECO in single error rectification
  • Supported Clock Tree ECO
  • Hierarchical Clock Gating Cell Bug Fix

Jun 30 2017, GOF V5.4 Released

  • GUI ECO Enhancements
  • Auto ECO Speed Up
  • Support single port to bus port
  • Support System Verilog netlist port format
  • Bug fix in reset/set flop handling
  • Reduce memory usage in ECO operations

Apr 06 2017, GOF V5.3 Released

  • Support hierarchical new modules
  • Error out on unresolved instances
  • Speed up ECO process
  • Tied up scan in pins to zero by default
  • Bug fixes in corner cases

Feb 06 2017, GOF V5.2 Released

  • Top down Automatic ECO, no need to specify modified modules as in the previous generations
  • Global Logic Equivalence Check to guarantee equivalent result
  • Unified ECO API, 'fix_design'
  • Integrated Auto ECO Methods

Nov 23 2016, GOF V5.1 Released

Sep 25 2016, GOF V5.0 Released

  • Highly Improved Auto ECO Performance
  • Beat Conformal ECO in Performance

May 09 2016, GOF V4.6 Released

  • Auto ECO patch size improvement
  • Multi-bit flop support
  • Auto ECO Scan Chain bypass

Dec 27 2015, GOF V4.5 Released

  • Enhanced auto ECO in Scan Chain handling
  • Bypass all Scan Chain related ports
  • Added phase option in get_driver API

Jun 20 2015, GOF V4.4 Released

Sep 21 2014, GOF V4.3 Released

Jul 5 2014, GOF V4.2 Released

  • Enhanced direct fix on BDD variables
  • Removed redundant gates on no-fanout ports
  • Added schematic mirror function for buffers/inverters

Feb 14 2014, GOF V4.1 Released

  • Preserve buffer trees after 'fix_modules'
  • Support flatten command to process hierarchical module
  • Bug fix in 'get_match_nets' API

Dec 2 2013, GOF V4.0 Released

  • Significant enhancement in Automatic ECO
  • API 'fix_modules' to run ECO on modified modules only
  • Connect up scan chain after ECO
  • Convert new gates to spare type only gates
  • Avoid redundant fixes
  • Efficient and speedy

Feb 03 2013, GOF V3.2 Released

  • New APIs, 'set_constraint' for Spare Gates mapping, 'swap_inst' for instances swapping
  • Enhance 'get_loads' API to support fanout endpoints listing
  • GofTrace Schematic customer menu by '-usermenu menu_name' option
  • Support peer gate loading for connectors in GofTrace Schematic
  • Support sub-hierarchical in reference netlist in automatic ECO

Apr 29 2012, GOF V3.1 Released

  • Fixed bug in DEF parser when backslash is in hierarchical instance
  • Enhanced leakage/area report
  • More power related APIs and features
  • Fixed Latch Clock handling
  • Enhanced Waveform Restore in Gate Level

Oct 08 2011, GOF V3.0 released.

  • Automatic ECO.
  • Complete Netlist ECO solutions
  • Built-in Logic Equivalence Check.

May 16 2011, GOF V2.4 released.

  • Enhanced standard library parser.
  • Logic equivalence check in logic cone ECO.
  • Upgrade SOC Encounter ECO script support.
  • Virtual leaf cell configuration for both schematic and netlist save.
  • More GofCall APIs exposed.
  • Bug fixes including negative bus index, leakage power calculation.

Nov 10, 2010, GOF V2.3 released.

  • Add a hierarchical module in netlist ECO.
  • Release a use case in adding hierarchical module
  • SOC Encounter ECO script support.
  • Multiple selections in placement viewer.
  • Integrate replace_logic_cone into GofCall APIs.
  • Enhanced Prime Time report file processing

Feb 14, 2010, GOF V2.2 released.

  • Enhanced GofCall script APIs, added more options for existing APIs
  • Added fix_setup and fix_hold for timing fix
  • GUI menus adjustment
  • Bug fix for keeping original comments after ECO
  • Bug fix for deleting floating gates after ECO
  • GofCall APIs update
  • Fixed a bug in change_pin
  • Updated change_port for both input/output
  • Enhanced change_net to insert gates

Apr 16, 2009, GOF V2.1 released.

  • Annotate Schematic
  • VCD support to trace signal changes
  • Good for x tracing in gate level
  • Cosmetic changes in GofTrace Schematic window

Sep 26, 2008, GOF V2.0 released.

  • Clipboard manipulation in GofTrace Schematic
  • Single mouse click to copy net name or instance string to clipboard in GofTrace schematic
  • Large flat netlists have long, unreadable net names and instance names
  • Some companies adopt a flow to work on hierarchical sub-module, then mapping to the flat netlist
  • However the mapping failures are higher and higher when the process going lower, P&R tools are doing more aggressively to change the netlist structure to make it routable and speedy.
  • Work on the flat netlist directly is the solution
  • Combining GofTrace schematic and GofCall script interface is the best way to process netlist

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