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Annotate Schematic

  • GOF can read in VCD file and annotate the signals on the schematic at the specified time. By pressing NEXT or PREVIOUS button, the time moves to the next or previous simulation event which has value changes in the signals listed on the schematic.
  • The annotation information has 0,1,x,z and the transitions between them.
  • The feature is very useful in 'x' tracing in gate level simulation. 
  • Use Menu GofTrace->Options->'Annotate Schematic' to enable the feature


  • Click 'Goto time' button to just the time slot to the value specified in the next entry.
  • Click "Goto Previous" to goto the previous simulation event at which one or more signals on the schematic have value transitions.
  • Click "Goto Next" to goto the next simulation event.


  • To use this feature, VCD file should be loaded.
  • One example of command line to load VCD file to do schematic annotation is
  • gof -v simulation_lib.v top_tb.v netlist.v -vcd top_tb.vcd


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