Logic Cone ECO

When the changes involve more than tens gates, Logic Cone ECO becomes a good option. The idea of Logic Cone ECO is to replace logic cone in old netlist by new re-synthesized netlist.

Logic Cone ECO API is integrated in GofCAll APIs

An example script for replacing the mis-matching points in revised netlist

use strict;
my $econame = "chg_teg";
my $revised = "golu.v";
my $golden = "golu_top.vg";
my $design = "golu";
read_design("-golden", "-once", $golden);
read_design("-revised","-once", $revised);

my $lists = "";
my $cnt = 0;
for(my $i=0;$i<=25;$i++){
    $lists .= "rcv_cdr_u_cdr_dsm_reg[$i]/D,";
for(my $i=0;$i<=36;$i++){
    $lists .= "rcv_cdr_u_accum_k2_reg[$i]/D,";
foreach my $scr (2,3,4){
    for(my $i=0;$i<=32;$i++){
       $lists .= "rcv_teg_u_scr${scr}_reg[$i]/D,";
print "TOTAL replaced points $cnt\n";

The script can be run by command line or in GofCall GUI interface

Save the script to logic_cone_eco.pl.

The command line to run the script is

gof -lib tech.lib -run logic_cone_eco.pl

Check GofCall GUI interface for how to run the script in GUI mode


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