GOF beats Conformal ECO Case 2


From a complex hierarchical design, the test case was derived which resulted in modifications to four flops and three output ports due to RTL changes. To rectify the logic, GOF ECO utilized four gates and occupied 2.1 in area. On the other hand, Conformal ECO used 28 gates and occupied 29.2 in area to fix the logic. Notably, all the gates in the ECO methods were driven by 'X4'.

Results Comparison

ECO Result Total Cells Non-Buffer Invert Buffer Area
GOF 4 1 3 0 2.1
Conformal ECO 28 24 4 0 29.2

Files in ECO

Comparison on Schematic

 GOF generates a patch having three inputs, two outputs and 5 gates in total.

Figure 1 GOF ECO patch

While Conformal ECO generates a big patch with tens inputs and outputs, total 28 gates.

Figure 2 Conformal ECO patch

GOF command line

The files can be downloaded to reproduce the result

gof -lib mp16.lib imp.v -ref ref.v -run eco.gpl


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