Latest Release

GOF V9.1 Sep/21/2021 New
  • RTL to RTL comparison for supplemental ECO flow
  • API rtl_compare added for parallel RTL to RTL comparison
  • Liberty files loading cached to speed up the next read
  • RTL Patch enhancement in interface connection guidance
GVT V2.1 May 3 2021
  • Fast display of buffer chains
  • Fixed a bug in moving view to hierarchical instance
  • Cleared display cache for the correct display
  • Fixed instance name display with backslash

GOF Features

  • Automatic functional ECO uses the Reference Netlist to fix the Implementation Netlist >>
  • RTL to RTL compare to supplement faster and more focused functional ECO >>
  • RTL Patch ECO to speed up turn around by avoiding full scale and long synthesis process >>
  • Built-in logic equivalence check engine makes the ECO self contained >>
  • Parallel processing fully utilizes multiple CPU cores to decrease the ECO run time >>
  • Standard spare cells in Metal only ECO remaps only spare gates in post-mask ECO >>
  • Metal Configurable Gate Array Spare Cells makes larger Metal Only ECO possible >>
  • Auto mode ECO mixed with GUI and Script mode ECO optimizes ECO patches to the full extent >>
  • ECO retargeting achieves huge netlist ECO in short period of time >>
  • DFT friendly maintains test logic untouched to avoid second time ECO in late design stage >>

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